Welcome to Turntables By CTH

Welcome to Turntables By CTH

Welcome to Turntables By CTHWelcome to Turntables By CTHWelcome to Turntables By CTH

Now Selling Dust-Covers and Hinge Tabs

Professionally Manufactured


You can have the look and feel of the factory dust-cover with these professionally manufactured replacements. 

Will Fit MANY Models


 These covers will fit virtually all Technics tables that have break prone plastic tabs. The height is designed for the D2, Q2, 3200, etc. series but can also be used to replace the smaller in height covers. Contact me for more info.

Ready To Ship


Contact me for shipping information to the lower 48 U.S. states. I ship via UPS and I will refund any difference in the shipping cost.

Perfect Fit And Finish


Superb fit and finish on these aluminum tabs. Very professional finish. Your friends will think they're factory.

Fits Many Models


Just as the dust covers these will fit virtually any Technics model that uses the plastic tabs.

Easy Installation


Contact me for more information regarding installing instructions. But if you can use a Dremel type tool and a drill you should have no problems!

About Me And My Turntables

Specializing in repair and sales of vintage Technics Turntables


If you have a Technics table that needs  repair or are looking to purchase a vintage table, I would be more than happy to assist you or answer any of your questions. I have sold over 350 Technics turntables over the last three plus years and know my product well.

My inventory is ever expanding and I specialize in direct drive units from the late "70's to early "80's


My inventory changes weekly and I'm always getting new units in. I work and sell out of my house but am available from mid afternoon on most days of the week and usually all day weekends.

Call for shipping quotes!

100% Operational Turntables. Plug and Play Ready


All of my inventory goes through a strict inspection and restore process. I replace any old lube with white lithium grease, clean all speed pots with CRC QD contact cleaner, lube the main motor bearings, and address any other issues that a particular table may have.  All of my tables are 100% operational and I give you a choice of the cartridges I have available.  I stand behind my product and want you to feel comfortable with your purchase.

Female RCA Connections


I've started to install female RCA connections on the back of select tables (entire inventory eventually) in order to reduce the risk of the male RCA connections failing. This is a somewhat rare occurrence but these cables are 40 plus years old and it does happen. You can know use the RCA cables of your choice or use the pair that I include with the table. I do retain the factory wire cinch for the ground wire which is very helpful. I did some research and found that self grounding these tables does not add any sonic benefit so I left the ground wire as originally installed.  

Why Choose Technics

Decisions, Decisions

You have a lot of options to choose from when deciding what brand and type of turntable you want to purchase. So why Technics? My main reason is two fold. Sound quality and reliability. You can purchase a turntable from many locations. I feel you should choose me because I sell a quality product and will continue to assist you after the sale.

Technics Invented Direct Drive

Shuichi Obata (engineer for Panasonic) invented direct drive tables back in 1969. In a direct drive table the motor is located directly under the center of the platter and is connected to the platter directly. It is a significant advancement over older belt driven tables

Sound Specifications

The higher the rumble number for a turntable the better the sound quality. For wow & flutter it's the opposite, the lower the number the better. By reviewing my Technics Table Production header you can see that the direct drive units have excellent specs.


This may be more of an opinion, but I chose to sell and repair Technics tables because I feel strongly that the build quality is better than other brands I have encountered. 

Direct Drive vs Belt Drive

The main reason I prefer direct drive over belt driven turntables is speed control. Direct drive units with clean speed potentiometers (yes, I clean them with Detox) will hold rock steady speed while belt drives tend to have more variations in speed based on belt age or even weather conditions.

Thorough Detailing

All of my inventory goes through a thorough cleaning process. I buff and polish all my dustcovers and attempt to remove all imperfections and scratches. 

Payment / Contact Info.

Visit my adds on Craigslist for detailed photos of each turntable. Paypal + Venmo accepted.

Text or call to set up appointment times

Turntables By CTH

Between Easley and Dacusville, 20 minutes from Greenville SC. Text or call for address

(864) 640-9929

Drop me a line!